Teamwork for remote working

The communication has come true
as if you are working in the office.

You can use all functions of Remotty for free and no expiration date.

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The notification system
that realizes casual communication

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Notice by desktop notification

Even when not seeing a browser, you don’t miss a message because the notification written your chat comes to your screen.

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Notice by mention

It is notified if your ID is mentioned(@xxx) in a chat. You can call the person who wants you to participate in a chat.

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Notice by notification for all

You can give a notice for all the online members’ screen. It can be used when you want to gather attention.

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Charge plan

You can use all functions of Remotty for free.

The present function won’t become a charge from now on, so please use it surely.

(We may possibly provide services for business as a premium option.)

is recommended


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“Small talk” rather than Report, Communication, and Consultation

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“Small talk” makes your team strong

We tend to help acquaintances than strangers. Team members will help each other naturally by understanding themselves deeply.

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To realize casual “small talk”

An opportunity for talking is necessary in addition to a business meeting. You can talk freely if you could see an expression of others and whether at work or not.

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To generate “small talk” intentionally

Now, it’s commonplace to report about work by using some tools. However, Remotty enables to have “small talk” more casually which happens during work.

Management team

It will work by abolishing “commute”!

If you could save commute times by spreading remote work, it’s possible to spend your time for worthwhile things.

Above all, if there’s no need to work in office, you can work with the person whom you want to work with without thinking about the place.

Work in the best place. You can work near the office or work while going on a trip. We want to expand the range of choices.

The vision of “Remotty” is to realize new workstyle without changing an essence of teamwork.

What we want to realize is the society that people select remote work as reasonable choices.


Photo member 01

Yoshihito Kuranuki

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Seiji Nogami

Photo member 03

Kenta Tanoue

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Hiromasa Ohno